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Welcome to the Association

All property owners at Chanan Estates are automatically admitted and warmly welcome as members of the Chanan Estates Property Owners' Association (CEPOA) herein referred to as the Association. The honor of belonging to a premier residential community comes with both rights and obligations. The Association has been legally established to govern these privileges and responsibilities and to regulate both individual as well as communal interests. Please be familiar with the Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws and Declaration of Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions available for download on this page.


The Association safeguards the interests of all property owners by upholding the architectural standards in Chanan Estates. It is empowered to take all necessary action to enforce compliance of any covenant or building standard to protect the interest of all residents. The stringent covenants and conditions are in place primarily for the benefit of all property owners in the long term.

The Association's main purpose is to serve the individual from the perspective of the community. Every property owner has the right to submit an improvement proposal for his or her property. Each proposal will be favorably considered as long as it complies with the standards set and the procedures outlined below.


All homeowners are obligated to pay Association dues on a quarterly basis, currently $150 per quarter per lot due on the first day of April, July, October and January. No penalty is imposed if payment is received before the 10th day of the particular month.

The Featured Builders Requirements govern the standard of improvements to each lot or home.  Prior to commencement of works, all changes affecting the external facade, be it minor (eg a fence) or major (eg a swimming pool) require approval by the New Construction Committee (NCC). To submit your proposal to the NCC, please use the Design Review Application and the detailed guidelines in the Featured Builder Requirements (downloads on this page).


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